FTP / File transfer

For the fastest and most secure file transfer, please use our Hightail or Dropbox.

To send files please select the dropbox for the location you would like to send the files to and fill out the form provided. The file will transfer to a secure location and we will automatically be sent a notification that you’ve transferred a file to us.

Transfer Files to Jaru

Please compress multiple files into one zip file when possible.

For those familiar with our unsecured FTP site, it is still accessible below.

If you are familiar with FTP then the following information should be all that you need:

User Name: jarugp
Password: jarugp

NOTE: If you are using FTP through Internet Explorer 7, there may be changes in the steps that you are accustomed to following. Please see our FTP Login Instructions (.pdf) for further details.

Full FTP Instructions

If you need detailed instructions, please download and follow our FTP Login Instructions (.pdf).

Contact Us

After you transfer your files, please email statecollege@jaruinc.com or call 814.234.3705 to alert us.

Feel free to call if you have questions!